Wednesday, May 21, 2008

slow and steady wins the race.

this morning, i was minding my own business...just driving the normal route i do daily to get to work.

while on 540, i saw everyone in front of me swerving just a little to the left. as i approached, i noticed that a decent size turtle was near the edge of the bypass, trying as hard as possible to make it to the grass.

so like everyone else, i swerved to let the turtle see another day.

unfortunately, the semi behind me did not share my sentiments. instead, it swerved INTO the turtle...splattering it.

i'm not even kidding. from my rearview mirror, i saw an explosion of turtle bits fly into the air.

moments later, i saw a minivan next to me. there were turtle bits on it's front, and a small child in the front seat weeping.

the circle of life. thank god it wasn't a lion cub.

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