Wednesday, May 28, 2008

like just about every other girl from 16 to 30 years old, i really enjoy tanning. i love the heat, i love the color, and i love the fact that i'll be a leatherface in about 15 years.

it's a beautiful thing.

so after work today, i made an appointment to go tanning. no biggie. i do it a couple times a week after i get off work. but today, they only had the "mega bed" available.

to me, the word "mega" in front of ANY other word is usually a wonderfully delicious experience.

i arrive at the tanning joint, and the lady has to go with me to show me how to work the "mega bed". she explains the timing system, how long i need to set it for, and that i need to be laying the opposite direction because the bulbs aren't working on the usual face end.

in the middle of explaining ALL of that, she mentions (quite quickly) that there's a red panic button as well, you know, just in case i freak out, get dizzy, get cramps, or something like that.

excuse me?


there's a panic button on a tanning bed? and i'm getting ready to get in it? with my head at the wrong end so i would have to use my big toe to jab at it in case of an emergency?

of course i got in. i live for danger.

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