Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bulletpoints make my heart fuzzy

1. if at all possible, register for everything in your life. i'm not kidding. pretending to shop for things, and then people actually buy them for you totally rocks. i wish i could do it everyday. hell, i wish i could get presents everyday.

2. we're officially all moved in to our new house. together. it's weird. so far our living room, kitchen, and one of the guest rooms are DONE. i mean, we still need to find a few things to jazz up the kitchen and that guest room...but the furniture is placed where it's supposed to be, and it FUNCTIONS how it should. you know. if we had guests. but our living room seriously kicks ass and i'll post pictures of it soon. just so you all can drool in jealousy of that which is our amazingly funky and off-beat living room.

3. economic stimulus package...where are you?

4. life is amazing. our friends are better than ever, our families are better than ever, we're finally getting our footing financially...stress has been relieved.

5. voodoo dolls work. no lies.

6. there is a family of birds living in my wall. sadly, the only resolution is to kill them. on a positive note, we'll be eating well for the next few days. mmm robin. tasty.

7. we got a griddle. and when i opened it (at the REALLY REALLY last minute notice all that jazz bridal shower) i clapped like a little kid who just went potty for the first time, all by themselves. is this what being an adult makes you do? burst into applause over an electric griddle and pyrex set? because if so...i think being an adult completely rules.

8. having your own house is really neat. i'm not even kidding. you can stay up as late as you want, sit around in your underwear, and decorate whatever weird way tickles your fancy. i mean, i've lived alone for several years...but in an apartment. spreading an apartment's worth of crap over the space of a house is a lot easier than it should be.

9. i love marshmallows.

10. a painting just fell off the wall. and i repeat, voodoo dolls work.

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